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Dating a black man with kids

But that’s not what’s happening and both parents know why.

Deep down white fathers know the reason their daughters date black boys is because he wasn’t a strong enough father to warrant respect from her.

His friends and family will indirectly wonder “Where did he go wrong with her? And if she continues her interracial dating ways, she’ll likely never have a relationship of consequence with a strong, masculine white male because, again, he knows that white men consider commingling with black men as a deal breaker when it comes to dating, marrying, and sometimes even fucking white women.

…he knows her options for a long term relationship down the road are limited to just black men, or weak white men, neither of which, in his mind, are good options for her daughter.

There are 3 main reasons (aside from the obvious) that white fathers are strongly opposed to their daughters dating black boys: White fathers are petrified that when and if their daughters date black boys, she’ll blast it all over social media.

I’ve mentioned in a previous podcast episode that once you go black, you CAN’T go back.The difference here is that unlike white fathers, black mothers aren’t really thinking about their sons or about how his romantic decisions now will affect him later.She sees her son’s choice in women as a personal affront on her as a woman (again, more on this later) and she doesn’t like it. Another difference is that black mothers aren’t concerned about black women staying away from her son as a result of him dating white girls.White fathers know this to be true (white girls figure this out much later when it’s too late) which is the main reason why they borderline forbid their daughters from dating black boys.There’s one reason and one reason only that black mothers get stupid when their sons date white girls: She hates white girls.

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